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India Review®

India Review® is a monthly popular magazine focussing on matters pertaining to India. Our articles cover all areas about life and society of India including but not limited to its culture, religion, economy, politics, literature, trade and businesses, international relations, etc. ISSN 2631-3227 (Online); ISSN 2631-3219 (Print)

Website: www.IndiaReview.co.uk
Email:     Info@IndiaReview.co.uk

The India Review®

Abbreviated as TIR News, The India Review® is an online news services. It intends to inform readers on current topics. It will not dwell on mere description of events but aims to fill the gap in terms of fresh perspective, analytical treatise, constructive criticism, and evaluation for public good.

Website: www.TheIndiaReview.com
Email:       Info@TIR.news


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